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Expediting Services



Pre-shipment inspection (PSI), Pre-dispatch inspection, or import inspection, assists private businesses and governments to assure their import revenues minimizing the risk

of counterfeit or illegally imported goods.


The PSI services at Nevaco can include the verification of goods covering quality, quantity, export market price, consistency, laboratory testing and analysis, import eligibility, and customs value. 


Pre-shipment Inspections can also be used to verify goods conform to the contractual specifications, the value and customs tariff code, packing review, and loading supervision. 


The PSI activity is sometimes agreed between a client, the PSI provider, and a bank, and PSI services can be used to initiate payment for a letter of credit.


We have been providing pre-shipment inspections around the world for over 15 years.


  • Target customers :


Pre-shipment inspection services are utilised by both governments and private clients when importing of goods or commodities.


The pre-shipment inspection can take place either at the manufacturer’s facility or a shipping agent’s premises, immediately prior to final shipment to the destination country. 


Samples are normally selected at random, according to standards and procedures.


  • Key customer benefits :


Pre-shipment inspection protects company and government revenues through a detailed inspection and verification of the goods due for import.

Our PSI services assist in eliminating the need to transfer funds to other countries and/or the payment of taxes and duties for erroneous or counterfeit goods.

The PSI services at Nevaco also help companies and governments to ensure compliance with global and local standards, legislation and guidelines for the import and export of goods.


The PSI service also benefits importers by expediting their clearance process.

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