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Inspection Services

Vendor Inspection

Vendor Inspections, otherwise called as Third-Party/Second Inspection, covers activities performed at manufacturer’s works/Sites, of all types of Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation & Communication commodities purchased for Oil, Gas, Marine, Petrochemical & Power Industries. We take over inspection assignment all around the Globe from the pre-inspection / manufacturing meeting, through different levels until commissioning. The Inspection requirements are met through our integrated global network which includes direct inspectors and associate offices using highly experienced inspectors specialized in those specific commodities they are assigned to. The selection of inspectors is a vital part per our company’s agenda, where we have set very high standards for evaluating their capability and competency through interviews and rigorous tests set forth by our Quality Management System, thus assuring the service for products that meets or exceeds client’s expectation. 


• Pressure Vessels, Boilers 
• Heat Exchangers, Heat Recovery Units 
• Furnaces & Refractories 
• Steam Drums 
• Pipes & Fittings 
• Prefabricated Structures 
• Rotating Equipments (Pumps, Motors, Engines, Generators, Compressors,Turbines etc) 
• Commissioning Tests (FAT & SAT) 
• Valves – all Types 
• Vehicles & Cranes 
• Welder & Procedure Qualifications 
• Pre-shipment Inspections 
• Loading & Unloading inspections 
• Lifting & Life Saving Equipments 
• Document Reviews

Pre-Shipment Inspection

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Vendor Capability Assessments

Pre-shipment inspection (PSI), Pre-dispatch inspection, or import inspection, assists

private businesses and governments to assure their import revenues minimizing the risk

of counterfeit or illegally imported goods. The PSI services at Nevaco can include the

verification of goods covering quality, quantity, export market price, consistency,

laboratory testing and analysis, import eligibility, and customs value. 


Pre-shipment Inspections can also be used to verify goods conform to the contractual specifications, the value and customs tariff code, packing review, and loading supervision. 


The PSI activity is sometimes agreed between a client, the PSI provider, and a bank, and PSI

services can be used to initiate payment for a letter of credit.


We have been providing pre-shipment inspections around the world for over

15 years.


  • Target customers :


Pre-shipment inspection services are utilised by both governments and private clients

when importing of goods or commodities.


The pre-shipment inspection can take place either at the manufacturer’s facility or a

shipping agent’s premises, immediately prior to final shipment to the destination



Samples are normally selected at random, according to standards and



  • Key customer benefits :


Pre-shipment inspection protects company and government revenues through a detailed

inspection and verification of the goods due for import. Our PSI services assist in

eliminating the need to transfer funds to other countries and/or the payment of taxes

and duties for erroneous or counterfeit goods.

The PSI services at Nevaco also help companies and governments to ensure

compliance with global and local standards, legislation and guidelines for the import and

export of goods. The PSI service also benefits importers by expediting their clearance


Vendor evaluations, also known as vendor capability assessments or third-party quality

assurance audits, mobilise experienced quality assurance engineers to a manufacturer’s

site to conduct a thorough assessment of the manufacturers capabilities and workload.

The vender assessment service provides the purchaser with the confidence that the

manufacturer has the necessary capability, systems, approvals, processes and resources

to supply the ordered goods.Nevacco offers comprehensive supplier technical assessments services, including vendorcapability assessments and auditing of suppliers/vendors/manufacturers to assist clients

with its supply-chain management and supplier-approval processes.

The scope of vendor evaluation is flexible, depending on client requirements, and the vendor audit can be undertaken on the basis of a first-party (internal assessment/audit of the client on their behalf), second-party (assessment of suppliers acting on the behalf of a client, managing findings and corrective actions) and third-party

The scope of these third-party assessments can include factors such as:

-Assessment of the total work capacity, including current and projected workload

-Assessment of compliance to management system standards such as ISO 9001,ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001

-Assessment of the staffing and management structure

-Assessment of the handling, storage and traceability of material

-Assessment of vendor’s affiliations, history and client base

Nevacco has a strong relationship with the vast majority of oil and gas-related vendors around the world. This experience enables us to conduct pre-contract award surveys by QA Engineers who have day-to-day experience of these manufacturers.

The reporting requirements for the vendor assessment are defined by the client, who receive a report with detailed assessment and findings. These supplier evaluation methods allow our clients to make informed, evidence-based decisions regarding the supplier.

Target customers

Vendor capability assessments of manufacturers is an effective service for clients who are considering placing a critical purchase order with an untested or unfamiliar manufacturer.

The supplier risk assessment is particularly useful where the manufacturer is in another time zone in a country or region, or where language barriers for the client exist.

Vendor capability and risk assessment services are normally provided prior to, or during, the procurement phase of a project. However, on occasions the vendor audit could be requested post-delivery as part of a ‘lessons learnt’ exercise.

Key customer benefits

Vendors risk assessments can be a very useful tool for clients who are considering placing orders with vendors which they are unfamiliar with or those they may have reservations about.

The choice of manufacturer for a component has a direct input into the quality of the purchaser’s product. Therefore, clients must have confidence that their supplier’s processes meet both the statutory standards and regulations and the client’s own standards and expectations. A supplier technical assessment helps build that confidence. In addition, it may be beneficial, as part of a ‘lessons learnt’ exercise, to receive a full

assessment of a manufacturer, following the completion of a problematic order. Supplier evaluation includes the details of the vendor’s quality assessment system, traceability, capacity, current workload, workforce, affiliations, history/client base, and number of personnel and their qualifications.

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